DevConnect Istanbul Evangelising EEG

hey everyone!

as discussed in Introducing ETHBohem1a gardeners hackathon (Feb/Mar 2024) this is definitely a great idea to start evangelising the EEG community and engaging like-minded people into it so that this gives an initial boost to the EthBohemia Hackathon.

also the Devconnect gathering is one of the latest ones before the winter comes and there’s a pause in the conferences happening so this is one of the rare opportunities to proliferate the initiative.

there’s a couple of options on how to do this, including:

  • hosting a meetup/event
  • simply identifiying the people that are matching the values and adding them to twitter/telegram community to keep in touch
  • running some initiative at the EthIstanbul hackathon like a meditation session/friendship bracelets workshop/etc to just give the vibes

i am inclining the most to the 2nd or 3rd option as meetups or events seem to be complicated due to a couple of issues:

  1. people tend to register to all of the events to just attend whichever
  2. the timespan is not super large so choosing a right date to cover the right audience is hard
  3. reaching out to the relevant audience is a challenge as every side event is added to “Devconnect” folder on Luma and that messes up with the audiences

so just focusing on growing a small cozy chat and then getting this chat to live - i.e. creating a special coordination point why would people be engaged is the most prospective idea.

i am already in istanbul and i will be here for a whole month so we can meet in advance to chat about the initiative to perform and i am at the spot to take part in it!

lmk your thoughts!

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Thanks Helen for a great recap of the options!

I would like to emphasize that EEG is now in a kind of pre-genesis phase (until ETHBohemia), at the moment it is mainly about finding experienced organizers, developers or other people who will help us to shape the whole initiative and go through the first steps with us.

Based on what I wrote above, searching for people in a “random” way is not productive in my opinion (option (3)) and we need to focus directly on specific people (1+2).

The most important point is (2) - look for those who like our vision and try to engage them. I’m sure you already know a lot of these people from before, so you can leverage IRL meeting in Istanbul to introduce them to EEG. Take advantage of such opportunities!

The meetup (1) was imo intended more as an event for a few individuals, primarily the Founding Gardeners themselves. And it could easily be in one of the Meeting Rooms at Devconnect Coworking, no need to complicate it :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly. Maybe just schedule a 1-2 hour meeting every second day (or third?) at a fixed time in the coworking space? That could be the perfect coordination point - multiple options, fixed yet flexible.

BUT I don’t know how it will be with access for people who don’t have a cowork ticket.