EEGIP: EEG Governance and Proposal Framework (idea)

I’m thinking about how to formalize and catalog the various EEG procedures and standards.

It makes the most sense to me to take inspiration from the current EIP process and modify it for our needs. As a name I suggest: Ethereum Event Gardeners Improvement Proposals (EEGIP).

The event ecosystem standards can be called: Ethereum Event Gardeners Request for Comment (EEGRC).

There can be three types of EEGIP:

  • A EEGRC describes any change that is useful for (Ethereum) events, community-level standards and conventions
  • A Meta EEGIP describes a process surrounding EthereumEG or proposes a change to (or an event in) a process.
  • An Informational EEGIP provides general guidelines or information to the EthereumEG community, but does not propose a new feature.

For example:

No Title Type
EEGIP-1 EthereumEG Governance and Proposal Framework Meta
EEGIP-2 Establishment of EthereumEG Treasury Meta
EEGIP-3 Event List EEGRC
EEGIP-4 Visitor Privacy and Data Protection Measures EEGRC

What do you think? Do you have any idea how to name it differently? What differences do you perceive compared to EIP?

might sound a bit too complicated for someone just willing to throw in a small proposal, as there is som many types. maybe the types could be just the tags?

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Agree, those types were just a pitch. I honestly didn’t give it much thought - I just took the EIP and applied it naively to the EEG. And that was a few days before it split into EIP and ERC, haha. We’ll have to give this some serious thought - I don’t think anyone wants unnecessary bureaucracy.

I think practically we only need 1-2 categories:

  1. proposals to improve events (ecosystem)
  2. proposals that improve the EEG itself (actually optional)

The first category is absolutely crucial - we need to present these proposals to the wider public and have it somehow standardised. The second category isn’t as important, we don’t really need any extra standartisation for these things and we can manage it largely here on the forum - we are not a software or protocol.