"ETHTalks" - aggregator of talks from conferences and hackathons (idea)

Okay, here’s an idea:

Aggregated database of all talks from (Ethereum) ecosystem (conferences, hackathons, meetups) :speaking_head:

Just type “danksharding” and you’ll get all the videos whether they’re on StreamETH, YouTube, etc. :arrow_forward:

Illustrative example:

I also imagine it as a place to come when I want to learn something new (about Ethereum) - thanks to the overview of recent talks from the world.

It should be something like https://archive.devcon.org/archive , but not just for devcon, but for all.

From a technical point of view doing something like this will be easier than it seems, I would divide it into two problems:

  1. Data - the data specification will be handled by our event-lists (topic) standard, and the data itself will be collected into our ETH event database (also using automated scripts).

  2. Frontend - would want to build a special interface for this. This is probably the most technically challenging part of this idea

Please tell me why this makes or doesn’t make sense :pray:

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This makes sense, IMHO. I’ve been tired of navigating myriad sites, bookmark repos etc.

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