Event Reviewers Guild (ERG) - idea and discussion

I’d like to throw out another idea :slight_smile:

A fundamental prerequisite for EEG and components like Gardeners Guild is that we have some basic overview of the whole ecosystem and, most importantly, the ability to qualitatively and quantitatively assess individual events as they happen - so that we can compare them to each other and react to them.

The list of events themselves we will have in our database, and for the evaluation I propose to create what I’m calling the Event Reviewers Guild.

Event Reviewers Guild (ERG)

An independent group of people who will be willing to attend events and write reports on them.

The members of the Event Reviewers Guild would serve a critical role. They would be the eyes and ears on the ground, providing firsthand accounts and analyses of the events taking place within the event ecosystem. This group would not only document the happenings but also give insights into the atmosphere, community engagement, and overall impact of each event.

Objectives of the ERG

  • Event Coverage: Members would be tasked with attending various events, ranging from small local meetups to large international conferences and hackathons.
  • Reporting: After each event, reviewers would compile detailed reports that highlight key discussions, sentiment, participation levels, and any notable advancements or announcements made.
  • Quality Assurance: Reports would also include an assessment of the event’s alignment with the ethos of Ethereum, such as decentralization, community focus, and innovation.
  • Analytical Metrics: Develop a set of criteria to rate and assess the events, looking at factors like inclusivity, diversity, and the extent to which they promote community growth and education.
  • Feedback Loop: Constructive feedback would be provided to event organizers, offering them valuable insights into areas of success and potential improvement.

By creating the Event Reviewers Guild, we can establish a robust feedback mechanism that contributes to the continuous improvement and evolution of Ethereum events.

The following structural elements and operational methodologies could be incorporated:

Recruitment and Training

  • Diverse Membership: Members from various demographics, expertise, and geographies to ensure a wide range of perspectives in event evaluations.
  • Skill Development: Members will be offered training in critical analysis, reporting, and effective communication to ensure high-quality, consistent reports.

Reporting Framework

  • Standardized Templates: To facilitate consistent reporting, the ERG will utilize standardized templates that focus on both quantitative metrics and qualitative insights.
  • Multimedia Integration: Where possible, reports will include multimedia elements such as interviews, panel discussions, and event footage to enrich the content and provide a more immersive review.

Members and Transparency

  • Regional Representatives: Where possible, local ERG members will be prioritized for event attendance to minimize travel costs and environmental impact.
  • Accountability: To maintain integrity and prevent conflicts of interest, ERG members would adhere to a strict code of conduct and disclose any affiliations with event organizers or projects.
  • Public Repository: All event reports will be made available in a searchable public repository, encouraging transparency and community access.

In terms of some financial incentive, ERG membership could be taken as a qualification for Gardeners Guild membership.

What do you think? Would you be willing to write a review of the events? Would anyone like to take charge of this guild?

Appreciate any feedback :pray: