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I have created basic documentation for Ethereum Event Gardeners, which is available at (source code).

I tried to write down some basic information about this initiative and create some basic structure. I would be very happy if you could help me with this and for any suggestions! :pray:

If you want to edit a page, just click on “Edit this page” on the right and it will redirect you to the relevant page on GitHub. Later we can add some Headless CMS for easier editing.

Tech stack - Astro (Javascript)

In terms of technology, the documentation is a statically generated page using Astro, deployed to GitHub Pages. The content is written using Markdown format. The source files are located in the ethereumeg/docs repository.


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Awesome, Astro is a great framework. The projects that are listed in the documentation have made me think about the quasi-nature of Ethereum as being the go-to network state. It has the OS to support digital applications, a decentralized community around the world and physical experiments like Zuzalu happening. Having a digital gardening community for Ethereum could become very useful with that narrative in mind.

I do think we need to think more clearly about how we make sure that we do not overlap our documentation and projects with existing ones like

For example, during Devcon a friend and I did a quick prototype of a simple wiki (, however, it ended up that it did not have as much use as we thought given that the Devcon archive already brought all the content together and fancy AI tools automate the note-taking process of talks :slight_smile:

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We are the digital gardeners of this emerging network state, but focused purely on our community events like hackathons, conferences, meetups etc. Just as there are others who are in charge of, for example, core-dev development (Ethereum Cat Herders), EIPs discussions within the wider community (Ethereum Magicians), documentation for general public ( team) and many others.

As one part of an ecosystem focused on one relatively specific thing, we are not in competition with others, but instead mutually empowering. barely addresses events (it only has a basic incomplete listing of events), and we may be the ones to provide them with better data. In addition, we can work together to develop some kind of manual for people who would like to start organizing ETH events, and take a bit of the responsibility for this part of their “Events” section.

I see clear boundaries to what gardeners will address, and I don’t see any overlaps. If you think it’s not well defined in the documentation, then I’d be glad if you could help me fix it :pray:

There is a lot of good stuff going on around Devcon (or Devconnect), the problem is that this stuff is often not available to others. And that may be just because there was no platform for organizers to communicate with each other… and that’s exactly what we’re changing :slight_smile:

Framed in that way makes it much clearer to me where the boundaries are with regard to what we garden. Indeed, I think that focusing on Devcon or Devconnect does not make much sense given that the EF has that covered and there is the forum, the DIPs that work well already. However, this initiative could help the event organizers for Devconnect for example given that the EF was the one trying to align everyone and support people with logistics etc.

I think it might be useful to add the above quote to the Goals | Ethereum EG Docs page for context.

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