List of ETH Events Coordination Groups

This is a list of coordination groups for Ethereum event organizers. These groups are used to facilitate communication, share resources, and provide mutual support for the organization of Ethereum-related events.

The list below represents a selection of these groups, categorized by their geographical focus and the nature of their discussions, along with the key admin contact for each group.

List of groups

Name Region Type Access Admin
Ethereum Event Gardeners :globe_with_meridians: global - Public Founding gardeners
2023/24 ETH Events Coordination :globe_with_meridians: global Telegram WOT Skylar, JosefJ
ETHEU events emotional support group :eu: Europe Telegram WOT Eleanore, @limone, Alina
ETHKipu LATAM - WOT Cryptochica, @juandaveth, Pau Doy

Access type

  • Public - most information and discussion is publicly available to anyone
  • WOT (Web of trust) - someone from the inside has to invite you

If you’d like to add another group to the list, post information about it in this thread, or DM me directly.

BTW, Maybe it makes sense to have this in the github repository?

The only other group I am familiar with is ETHKipu that is focused on LATAM. For now the coordination communication channels are a little spattered between different orgs in LATAM with ETHKipu.
Admins would be Cryptochica, Juan David and Pau Doy.

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