New here? Introduce yourself to other gardeners!

Hello everyone! :sunflower:

In this thread, I would like to ask everyone for a short introduction on how you got into Ethereum, organizing events and maybe your motivations for joining us. We would love to hear what you do and what you live for!

Thanks, folks! :pray:

So, a bit about me…

Everyone knows me as Tree :palm_tree: , and this is my long, short story:

I used to be mostly a programmer. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been the techy type who likes to try and learn new things. Exploring the unknown and mysterious has always been extremely interesting to me. I’m also a big fan of freedom (I consider myself an anarcho-capitalist), so I’ve been interested in technologies like BitTorrent, GPG, cypherpunk, Linux long before cryptocurrencies came to scene. I really love open-source (in any form or any shape).

Into cryptocurrencies I got 10 years ago, in 2013, when I first heard about Bitcoin and bought some BTC tokens through Localbitcoins from a local reseller.

A lot of time has passed since then and a lot of things have happened, but the important thing to mention here is the turnaround of 2017/2018, when I became fascinated with Ethereum and its smart-contracts. The first minted DAI using MakerDAO was the beginning of a journey of discovery for me, which I am still on.

I realized the full potential and certainty that this technology will change the world at the beginning of 2020, when I and other friends founded the first Czech-Slovak Ethereum community, through which we started to spread content about Ethereum, smart-contracts, DAO, DeFi, Web3 to the local audience. In addition to online content, we also started doing various offline meetings like meetups, conferences or hackathons. For this purpose, I and others have established a non-profit organization called the UTXO Foundation, z.s., this organization serves as legal representation of our events.

Today I don’t code much anymore, I’m more into community activities and organizing and coordinating Ethereum and related events. Right now, most of my time is taken up by coordinating Prague Blockchain Week and organizing own conference Web3Privacy Summit #1, both which will take place in a month.

And why did I start Ethereum Event Gardeners? Because I love doing events, it’s great to see people getting to network each other or learning. When we building something together, like at hackathons, it’s an incredible energy. It seems to me that more coordination is needed, because really good events start to get lost in a bunch of nonsense. And also that we can be stronger together. It’s all about coordination, and EthereumEG is my contribution to that coordination, how to make it better and more efficient.

The events I organized

  • ETHBrno 2021-2023+ - lunarpunk hackathon focused on privacy & security
  • UTXO.22 (2022) - the largest non-english cryptocurrency conference in Central Europe (last year we welcomed almost 1200 visitors)
  • EthereumZurich 2023 - first community ethereum event in switzerland, I lead a hackathon here
  • Prague Blockchain Week 2023 - decentralized gathering of cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • Web3Privacy Events - this initiative is just getting started, we will have our first summit (#1) in early June 2023

Other my important projects

  • BohemianDAO - The first Czech-Slovak DAO created to fund the local Ethereum ecosystem (philanthropy)

Also, I like minimalism and big books, I like every gadget, I ride an electric unicycle (EUC), I like crazy movies and TV shows, I listen to electronic music and I like to travel and explore the world (especially Europe!) :earth_americas:

Well, that’s me! Thanks for your attention and if you made it this far :vulcan_salute:


Hello there, I’m limone :lemon: from Rome, Italy!

My background is in CS, graduated in both Bachelor and Master’s degree. Always been working in startups as Backend Engineer. I’m now working full-time with US-based Web3 startup called Backdrop. I feel like I’m still kind of new in the space as I started getting interested about Web3 and Crypto in Oct 2021, but so many things happened during my journey so far and I’m really happy to be where I am now.

1 year ago I also co-founded urbe.eth, a community gathering Web3 builders in Rome. It all started from the personal need of connecting with like-minded people in my hometown and now it scaled a lot. We host monthly meetups, we cowork together once a week, we travel to web3 events around the world and we are now also organizing ETHRome.

I really love the sense of belonging of Web3 communities and the way in which we are all trying to help each other in making this world a better place through decentralized and neutral technologies. I love how we are all coordinating together, joining forces and culture.

What I’m most interested about in the space right now is DAOs, tokenized communities and decentralized social networks.

In my free time I like playing football (big ASRoma supporter here!) and listening to music (I was once a DJ).

Hope to see you all soon!


Hi there, I’m Luca!

Together with a few folks we created ETHSamba in Brazil :brazil:. A bit about myself, I consider myself a nomad from birth and felt like I was always looking for communities and systems that went beyond our human-made borders. I consider myself a polymath, I have many passions and interests, from hosting to coding.

For the past two years, I have been building products and communities in the web3 space. I hope I can contribute to this awesome initiative!

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Hello, I’m Afri. I’m with the Goerli Initiative and the Department of Decentralization which is responsible for GoerliCon, Protocol Berg, and ETHBerlin.


Hi guys, I am using nickname Mario or Cryptomario, but since I already met some of you personally, you may know me as Jirka. This year I have participated hackathon at ETHPrague, in the team creating ETH event catalogue.

I would like to help a bit with ETH Event Gardens since I see this database as very beneficial. I have started with adding a missing events from event database, but will continue to sync it with other similar databases that I have found.

I am working with GitHub on basic basis only, so please forgive me some mistakes that I may do and let me know if you have any feedback or comment to me or my contribution, I will really appreciate it.

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I’m Thiago, friends call me Thi. My trade is in growth and and co-founded ETHSamba in Brazil alongside @luca and a team of talented frens.

ETHSamba was created with the goal of leapfrogging and transforming education, empowering communities to thrive in the ownership economy.

What truly fascinates me is the concept of connectedness and how it intertwines networks, incentives, and social behavior.

Before diving into the world of web3, I built a solid foundation in Media, and Entertainment market. For eight years, I worked in the film industry as a project and distribution coordinator, leading acquisitions and sales for renowned companies like Disney/Miramax in Brazil.

My journey in the crypto ecosystem started back in 2017 when I became the regional manager at SingularDTV fostering a vision of an entertainment economy built on top of the Ethereum platform.

I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to this initiative and make a positive impact!

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hey i’m helena!
i am a web3 pm and i had experience with various projects in DeFi, Identity&Reputation, web3 security and enterprise development.

currently I am focused on participating in hackathons, testing my ideas, and connecting with people.

before web3 i worked on ngo and charity, focused on the un global goals and studied publishing/editing/literature/french linguistics.

i’ve been looking on how to build projects that are aligned with my values of people collaboration, connection, creating common context with others and cultivating the individual freedom&responsibility environment so web3 community projects are my passion

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I am ligi. Event-wise I am involved with

Other infos on my site:

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you and see so many familiar faces here!

Wesley or @ wslyvh on most platforms. I support / organize the following events…

  • Ethereum DEV NL meetups
  • Devcon
  • Devconnect

I’m often around or volunteer at other events and hackathons. Or otherwise, like to hack myself as well :slight_smile:

I also build open-source tools and solutions for event organizers…

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