Pretix Ethereum Payment Provider

I would like to highlight here a plugin for the Pretix open-source ticketing system that allows you to create a payment method using Ethereum or DAI: pretix-eth-payment-plugin

It’s a typical example project in which EEG (Ethereum Event Gardeners) might be very interested and which we should maximally support (maybe even financially, if we have some treasury).

Ticketing is one of the essential parts of any large event.

BTW, we use Pretix within our community, but I haven’t managed to get this plugin working yet. Unfortunately, Pretix is too complex and rigid in some way, and we deserve to have more “modern” open-source ticketing platform. This also applies to Pretalx. (→ confeth).

For ETHBerlin we need ticketing applications that have a more complex feature set and thus we will also have to rely on this in the future.

We would be never able to build anything comparable in a meaningful time.

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We have used pretix for a few events now. It’s operated by Roy who’s my friend, a computer engineer and head of tickets for rock in rio, where he has put over 200k people inside the event in 1h. We use the ef pluging developed by Adam and liggy allows for daí and eth payments
Roy loves pretix as the backend is super powerful and adaptable and it’s commission free. But it’s not easy to use and ui is horrible and we are kindly let use the devcon server for free. So it necessary to have a tech person, who we pay, and only makes sense if you have a conference with an expensive ticket, for free events any ticket platform works. is finally gaining traction.
We were thinking of forking pretix to update the ui but would need money to pay a team to redo it. Happy to discuss, but it only make sense if:
Expensive ticket
Need to accept payments in crypto + cc
You have a tech person and hiring them is less expensive than paying a % that most platforms charge…