Public goods for Ethereum events: list + how we can help?

One of the core ideas of Ethereum Event Gardeners is to support organizers by creating, maintaining and supporting various useful open-source tools and resources.

Many of these tools have been created by the Devcon team and made available as a public good to others (for which they deserve a big thank you!), but it would be worth having another independent group like us to focus on this topic and perhaps make similar tools available to even more organizers.

We can also figure out some way to fund these projects, because as we all know, financial support for open-source is minimal.

List of public goods for ETH events

Services / Software

  • - ticketing service based on Pretix (Devcon)
  • Devfolio - platform for organizing hackathons (Devfolio)
  • StreamETH (source) - live-streaming platform for events (Devcon)
  • (source) - platform for displaying a group of events (e.g. for side-events) (PWN)
  • Pretix Ethereum Payment Provider (source) - accept Ethereum or DAI payments in Pretix (esPass)
  • :man_farmer: chronicle (source) - historical archive of community ETH events (EthereumEG)
  • :man_farmer: “Live from ETH event!” - web3 platform for remote participation based on StreamETH (EthereumEG)
  • :man_farmer: confeth - state-of-the-art conference/hackathon planning and managing tool (EthereumEG)


  • Devfolio Organizer Bible - manual on how to organize a hackathon (Devfolio)
  • :man_farmer: “The Etherevent Field Guide” - our guide and knowledge base (EthereumEG)

Other Non-Ethereum specific tools

  • Pretix (source) - open-source ticketing system
  • Pretalx (source) - conference planning tool: CfP, scheduling, speaker management

:man_farmer: - projects by Ethereum Event Gardeners

Do you know of any other tools or resources? Am I missing something? Please write!

Any idea of a tool or anything else we should create?

Thank you for your suggestions! :pray: