Show Up Protocol

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I like to introduce Show Up Protocol here. A project I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks.

Onchain RSVP and Event management.

Show Up reduces no shows by aligning the incentives between event organizers and attendees.

  • Organizers request a deposit fee on registration which is returned when showing up
  • Active attendees get rewarded and earn $$ by showing up at events!

win/win for everyone :handshake:


If you want to give this a try, feel free to reach out! Happy to help set things up

NOTE Show Up Protocol has been thoughtfully designed, built and reviewed by external developers. However, it has not been audited yet. Please check the contracts and documentation and use at your own risk.


Great idea @wslyvh! I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. Where are the rewards for attendees coming from?
  2. What’s to stop someone from just popping in, grabbing their reward, and then vanishing?

I tried out the protocol and looked a bit into it - that said @wslyvh might correct me if I am wrong - but trying to answer here:

  1. rewards are coming from the no-shows. So if 3 people deposidet 1DAI and only 2 show up - each one gets 1.5DAI
  2. nothing (yet)
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Sorry for the delay (didn’t receive notifications). Thanks for jumping in @ligi :slight_smile:

I just launched a new version which adds some options and more flexibility on fee structure and payouts, so I’ll add some context…

Creating an event on Show Up now basically creates a “pot”.
Everyone who registers fills the pot with the deposit fees.

A new feature also allows anyone to directly ‘fund’ the pot without signing up.
This could be useful to add an additional incentive and reward people to show up, or e.g. complete your course/workshop, hackathon, etc. You could use this to directly distribute prize money between attendees.
e.g. we’re currently running a 30-days of Web3 challenge that challenges participants to contribute to open-source projects. Registration is free (only tx fee), but we’ve funded the pot for everyone who completes the challenge.

What happens with the funds is up to the organizer.
No shows will always lose their deposit fee, and will never be eligible to claim any part of the pot.

By default, the pot is split between all attendees who do show up.
This includes the deposit fees + any additional rewards that were funded.

An organizer can also choose to set up a recipient address.
People who show up still get their deposit back + any optional funded rewards.
But they do not get a share of no shows. That goes to the configured recipient for the event.
The recipient will not take part of any additional rewards funded to the event. Only no shows fees.
This could be used for example to return fees to the organizers (to make up for spent costs/resources from no shows), but could also be used to fund other initiatives, e.g. public goods. It’s up to the organizer.

RE 2. What’s to stop someone from just popping in, grabbing their reward, and then vanishing?

There’s nothing (yet).
Although I think this is also up to the organizer to keep people committed and engaged throughout their events. It doesn’t have to be a single, 1-time check-in on entry. e.g. you could have multiple check-ins, QRs throughout your event, measure entry and exits, or periodically check who’s still around.

Open to ideas here :slight_smile: