Visual Identity for Ethereum Event Gardeners - Looking for help!

It would be good to create some basic visual materials for our presentation. Everything we have now is just provisional (for example the Ethereum logo as an icon is taken from the first ETHBerlin site :))

Please help me find a good and passionate graphic designer, ideally someone who could help us in the long term.

Keywords is simple: garden, infinite garden, ethereum cultivation, events, conferences, hackathons, networking

Here’s the basics of what we’ll need:

Phase I.

  • colors, logotype & logomark (vector)
  • square logo, avatars for social networks
  • banners for social networks (header banner, etc…)

Basic “brand” materials would be placed in the ethereumeg/brand-kit repository (example)

Phase II.

  • larger thematic graphics, suitable for example for a t-shirt
  • graphics for our web presentation on
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